Solution to ensure the inviolability of communications

Solution to ensure the inviolability of communications


All Western countries recognize the right to privacy of communication through their constitutions or basic laws also provided for in the Declaration of Human Rights UN in Article 12.

In Europe, Declaration of Fundamental Rights, article 7, and in Spain in article 18, its Constitution.

The laws state that our communications, telecommunications, etc., are protected by the right to privacy and intimacy by keeping them secret so prohibits surveillance and interception, which only comes if there is a justified mandate by the judge.


a2Today, with the (PC- internet and mobile) key technologies – which are easier to monitor – you can not say with absolute certainty that your communications are in complete secret.

Recent events are spying on politicians and businessmen, where using tools on mobile phones have gained market data, details on location, sexual orientation, etc.

There are famous spy scandals through mobile devices from people like Angela Merkel, Françoise Holland, Norway cases, etc.

There are many cell phone apps that help avoiding these problems, the ranking of the top 5 best applications anti Spyware are:


Sortis with Crypto Mobile offers a platform that solves the privacy of mobile corporate staff of any institution.

The solutions is based on software and hardware solution deployed on Android OS based Mobile phone : Nexus 5 and Nexus 6.

The main objectives are:

  • a4Prevent any remote and local Spy Phones software.
  • Prevent remote interception by: Active and Passive GSM protocol (A51 and A52 Decipher)
  • Prevent Interception at the Cellular Operator based on 3G and 2G.
  • Prevent Wi-Fi interception that can crack WEP and WPK2.
  • Prevent remote interception:  Email, microphone, browser, fake apps.
  • Prevent SS7 attached – include Mobile location via Mobile Operators via HLR.
  • Prevent IP PBX hacking & Attacks

Conclusion: Many companies have solved the problem assigned a second mobile to certain people of the management staff.



Descriptive Video of the Mobile Crypto functionality:

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