Renovation of Ericsson and Telefónica customers

Renovation of Ericsson and Telefónica customers

Renovation of projects related to Ericsson and Telefónica clients:


Customer: Ericsson June 2017

Ericsson maintains confidence in Sortis, which renews another year two important transmission contracts:

  • TX01 Integration and RTS
  • TX02 Transport Build


Technological Renewal web platform SPICA (Sirdee Network)


Customer: Telefonica

Telefonica awarded Sortis the renewal of the SIRDEE platform at the hardware level to achieve a significant technological leap in server capacity, improved storage system, flexibility in making changes and robustness of the system,

In addition to the Hardware upgrade, Sortis will carry out the renewal of the SIRDEE web application, covering a change of Look & Feel, new functionalities, code fault finding, and security corrections as well as a security audit.

Sortis will continue to perform the management and maintenance of the platform.

Advantages achieved:

  • Independence of HW and SW. Robustness and speed at the time of any change in virtualization
  • Flexibility in publishing applications, allowing access from tablet or smartphone.
  • Security enhancements: double-backup data integrity and dual access.
  • Improves performance by a double-digit factor.
  • Multiplies storage capacity by 1.5



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