Redmatch recruitment management tool

Redmatch recruitment management tool

Sortis-Redmatch is a recruitment management tool, its unique technology calculates the level of adaptation (Redmatching) between the candidate profile, preferences and requirements of the job. From the time the information is completed, the system generates a “correspondence in real time” to present the level of suitability of each candidate for each position. This robust tool is designed to work with millions of records always providing a real-time response.

Our mission is to provide recruiters, human resources departments and employment agencies the best solution to optimize their selection processes faster, more efficient and making them more transparent, also achieving significant cost savings.

Redmatch engine consists of a matrix generated in real time that allows filtering and display the best candidate for each position

 Chart - matrix showing the operation of selecting candidates using Redmatch

Redmatch strengths

Among the strengths of Redmatch we have:

Advantages of using Redmatch as the recruitment tool of an enterprise

Sortis-Redmatch provides organizations with the best solution in SaaS mode incorporating the best technology and most powerful that relates the needs of the organization with the professional profiles of the candidates and their preferences more efficiently, by automating part of the process and maximizing the efficiency of the organization in the use of talent.

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