Cliente: ERICSSON | Orange’s proprietary network support



2nd level administration and maintenance of Orange’s proprietary network management systems (NMS)

Sortis has undertaken this activity for over 5 years within the DNO, until May 2014 with Nokia and thereafter with Ericsson. There are approximately 50 NMS and more than 200 server machines distributed in different CPD's throughout Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Valladolid, etc.
  • System administration: usage reports, administration of servers and operating systems, databases; application updates, storage and backup, etc.
  • Preventive maintenance: soft and hard monitoring, remote preventive maintenance using automated scripts.  Interventions On-site daily/weekly, alarm control, etc.
  • Corrective maintenance (7x24): Helpdesk users, proactive and cooperative incidents resolution, on-site support, scaling AT3 to manufacturers, etc.

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