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Client: CELLNEX | Operator petition services



Operator petition services

Sortis done to Cellnex engineering services for leased circuits requests. Sortis is responsible for managing the viability of services and design solution to be implemented to provide connectivity between customer sites and Cellnex’s network nodes. Sortis monitors and controls the various tasks until the end of the request, Sortis also documents these tasks in the different platforms of the operator. Commonly performed tasks for each petition:
  • Receiving petitions.
  • Study of the radio-electric and constructive feasibility of a solution using radio links.
  • Link design using Cellnex’s tools and digital terrain databases.
  • Choice of equipment and control of shipments. Installation tracking with Cellnex' technical zones and their subcontractors.
  • Management of accreditation documents, proceedings, activation request states, etc.