Client: ERICSSON | OCTX Project on multi-operator networks



OCTX Project on multi-operator networks

Sortis was chosen by Ericsson in early 2014 to develop configuration and provision tasks, in any of the networks where Ericsson serves. The activities that are performed are:
  • Configuration and provisioning of transmission networks: commissioning, decommissioning, modification, migration and tests on circuits and routes in the network management systems. Resource allocation and creating work orders, etc.
  • IP configuration and commissioning on data networks: Commissioning and decommissioning of equipment at sites, increases in capacity, deconfiguration of services on SDL, ULL Cablemodem networks; commissioning and decommissioning on Radius; mistake handling in TV automatic provisioning; Client incidences; etc.
  • Technical Office Support Services and consultants: 2nd level ticket supports, support for 1st level units, consultants in customer projects, etc.

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