Migration of residential services SIP / XVC to the IMS platform

Continuing with the evolution of solutions in telecommunication networks, Andorra Telecom has awarded Sortis the migration of subscribers from its old telephony platform to IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). This migration comprises both the residential subscribers and the SIP-T and XVC of companies throughout the country. An added value that Andorra Telecom provides to its XVC enterprise customers is the use of Broadsoft as an application server, which gives maximum flexibility when it comes to configuring the different fixed telephony services. This new platform represents the point on which there will be an effective convergence for any type of customer and any service, regardless of the device used: smartphones, tablets, laptops and landlines. The new IMS platform provides great benefits to users in the quality, security and reliability of communications. On this platform may be provided in the future any communication service that a user could demand. As examples of these services we could have voice through 4G (VoLTE) networks, calls Wi-Fi (VoWIFI), enriched messaging, rich calls with pre-call information, video calls, HD videoconferencing, etc. Plataforma IMS Plataforma IMS  

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