Project development on the eduroam platform (UNIR& Proeduca)

Project development on the eduroam platform (UNIR& Proeduca)

The platform eduroam (education roaming contraction) is the worldwide service secure mobility developed for the academic and research community. eduroam pursues the slogan “open your laptop and you are connected,” getting a single mobility space.

The service allows students, researchers and staff of participating institutions have Internet connectivity through its own campus or when visiting other participating institutions.

eduroam ES is an initiative included in the RedIRIS project that is responsible for coordinating national efforts of several academic institutions.

The International University of La Rioja, UNITE with the group Proeduca Altus, have awarded Sortis a project on the eduroam network in order to improve operational, authentication of users and increase the efficiency of managers / operators of the platform,

For authentication in the eduroam network are used Radius servers is performed through user accounts in Office 365 students.

The project has involved the design, installation and configuration of the following subsystems:

    • Create an Active Directory File Share in college, by enabling single sign-on to Office 365 suite.
    • Install a switch with access to all VLANs that connect to eduroam, Internet access and connectivity to the RADIUS server.
    • Install an access point with the following specifications:
      1. Multi-SSID
      2. Multi-VLAN
      3. Dynamic VLAN assignement

Proyecto plataforma Eduroam

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