Managed Service – NOC Huawei homologation

Managed Service – NOC Huawei homologation

The multinational HUAWEI, company installed in Spain as one of the leading telecommunications operators, implants technology and develops a wide layer services

HUAWEI tests for periodic evaluations of homologations to companies which develop their activity in the telecommunications ecosystem. During these assessments HUAWEI chooses those companies that pass a set of established standards: technical or  economical aspects, entrepreneurship, etc., facilitating the relationship between the purchasing department and the certified companies in each activity aspect.

In the evaluation process “Evaluation of Portfolio Management Project Result“, closed this month of December, SORTIS has been approved by Huawei service:

  • Managed Service / Network Operation Center (NOC)” in the subcategories: Back Office, Front Office and Platform. It includes all activities carried out in the network control centers: monitoring and control, operation, documentation, Kpi`s control, etc.

In addition SORTIS is also approved by Huawei in the following services:

  • Network Planning“. It includes among others network design, optimization, testing and test drive, etc. (BAU Projects Project IP, fixed POP, Support IPV6R6 Upgrade).
  • Customer Support”. It includes hardware maintenance, software projects and IT equipment repair. (OSS Project Support (UNOPS DNF SPOC).

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