Jump Platform on the Orange network

Jump Platform on the Orange network

Huawei has awarded Sortis the design, installation and maintenance of a jump platform that allows multiple users to access different applications through the Citrix XenApp solution.

XenApp is an industry-leading solution that allows more than 800 users to use Windows applications on any device and anywhere.

The infrastructure is a cluster with redundant Huawei servers based on Windows Hyper-V 2012. Physical equipment is installed in two CPDs to have high availability according to the following scheme.

The platform is designed with a virtualized solution of 6 groups of 8 application servers according to the following distribution and the following scheme:


  • Active Directory Server
  • Datacollector server (BBDD CITRIX)
  • Licensing Server
  • DFS Servers
  • XenApp Servers
  • Web interface servers
  • Backup Servers


The solution has competitive advantages because the GeoCluster (Multi-site) is designed in Microsoft’s replication technology that does not require additional licensing costs for the Storage cabins, which provides a homogeneous platform with high availability and low cost.

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