Invetory BQA Management

Sortis has obtained the trust of Huawei to develop the tasks contained in the RFQ: BQA MANAGEMENT related to the documentation of the network installed / modified in the sites, in the inventory tools of the final client.

First, you have to access the HUAWEI network and download all the required documents. Afterwards, it is analyzed, supervised and, if necessary, corrected to upload the documentation in your databases and customer inventory, according to your work regulations.

It is necessary to have knowledge and experience in the Huawei tools and the end customer.

Three ITEMs are fundamental:

  • Technical documentation supervision.Inventario bqa management
  • Inventory documentation at customer database à self-acceptance.
  • Repair solving in customer system.

Equipment involved:

  • IP projects.
  • DWDM -IT proyects.
  • PMW new technologies / expansions

Sortis carries out its work with the commitment to meet the required SLA and KPI.

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