Enhancements to the Confidentia instant messaging platform

Enhancements to the Confidentia instant messaging platform

Last spring, Sortis announced its intention to launch the CONFIDENTIAL instant messaging platform, designed for the business environment that allows real-time transmission of sensitive information in a secure way.

Since then the evolution of the platform has been increasing and its development stage is adequate to begin its commercialization in companies that require security that does not provide the most used messaging platforms: Whatapps, Viber, Telegram, Hangouts, etc.


Relevant aspects that differentiate CONFIDENTIAL from other options:

  • Use of the user account in multiple terminals with real-time synchronization
  • Hosting in own servers or controlled by the organization (Hosting in house)
  • Adaptation of the look and feel and functionalities to the specific needs of the organization
  • Confidential does not present vulnerabilities reported, Report CCN-CERT IA-21/16, Risks of Whatsapp use of the National Cryptologic Center (www.ccn-cert.cni.es)


The most important new features of the latest version of CONFIDENTIAL:

  • Confidential Hosting:

 It is a high security data center with protection against cyber attacks and secure communications via https and SSL certificates issued by a certification authority

  • Private business environments:

There is the possibility of having an environment of interaction restricted to certain members of the organization and the people they choose to contact. Each organization is assigned a subdomain and a database of its own.

  • Authorization of download and installation of the application:

The download of the application is done from the Confidential servers, through an invitation link received by email. This invitation can be individual or collective, with the authorization of download and installation of the app for the invited person or members.

  • Relationship management:

Confidential incorporates the contacts of the user’s agenda that are already registered in the platform and, unlike the common platforms, incorporates all the accredited members of the organization already registered in the platform.

Thus, when a member is authorized to register on the platform, all members, who are already registered and the contacts in his / her agenda who have been registered, will be incorporated as confidential contacts.

In this case, members who are already registered incorporate the new user into their contacts in Confidential.

At any time, high users in Confidential, can send invitations for download and installation of the app. If the guest ends registering, they automatically join as a contact in their host’s contact view

  • Comprehensive protection of information:

In this new version, the Confidential Platform includes encrypted storage and digital signature of messages and files, completing an information protection strategy that guarantees its authenticity and privacy, in its transit through public communications networks, Servers of the service platform, and now also in the user terminals.


These developments are a further step in the orientation of Confidential as an instant messaging service platform adapted to corporate and professional environments requiring controlled, real-time interactions and high levels of information protection.


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