Confidencial, Secure Instant Messaging Platform

Confidencial, Secure Instant Messaging Platform

Sortis plans to soon launch platform secure instant messaging, CONFIDENCIAL, suitable for business environments where sensitive information needs to be transmitted safely, confidently and in real time.
By CONFIDENCIAL can be sent any information, messages, pictures, files of all types, and in the immediate future all types of corporate transactions.
The platform operates in two environments:

  • Android and iOS app (smartphones and tablets).
  • Web app (PC’s and Mac Chrome browser).

Both environments are synchronized and interoperable automatically and in real time.
Encryption techniques end to end and digital signature to ensure protection of information throughout all the way from the sender to the receiver are used, Secure encryption in Confidential messaging network including storage on servers platform.
In addition, unlike other applications, messages at the terminals of origin and destination, remain encrypted and therefore protected against intrusions by the usual techniques of hacking.
Confidencial secure transaction platform can be configured through Sortis own servers, located in a safe place and properly protected against cyberataques or under customer requirements on computer servers owned.
This facility is the big difference with other instant messaging platforms widely used that emphasize personal content type:


Main features:Screenshot showing the operation of the application Confidential

  • Multiplatform (PC, tablets, smartphones)
  • Working environments: Chrome, Android, iOS
  • Single use keys (a different key for each message)
  • Simultaneous use of the user account in several terminals
  • Real time terminal synchronization
  • User account recovery (contacts and last received messages)
  • Create user accounts and groups in interaction with the Active Directory of the organization
  • RSA keys up to 1024 bits long
  • AES encryption with variable key length (128, 192, 256)
  • Hosting or in house servers. Trust as security basis
  • Flexibility for adapting to specific needs.


Comparison between CONFIDENTIAL and Whatsapp

Comparison between Confidencial and Whatsapp software applications

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