Automation in equipments administration and systems

Automation in equipments administration and systems

The equipment usually have SNMP interfaces through which can be controlled by the owners or general management systems and all transactions are stored on servers with operating systems, databases, CPU, memory, etc.

The day to day management and surveillance equipment and systems, whether from a major network or a modest server, is full of repetitive tasks and often tedious, motivated by the massive amount of data generated on a network.

To facilitate our task are the scripts. Small programs intended precisely to automate and link tasks related systems. 

SORTIS, with its extensive experience in environments Systems and Telecommunications, knows good hand, the importance of automation that allows us to optimize resources, improve service quality, cost savings and avoid human error.

Any administrator should be aware that any task at more than three (3) times identically, is apt to consider automation.

Our experience tells us that in any activity management and monitoring 30% to 60% of tasks can be automated or optimized to avoid human error, preventing workers have to use massive Excel sheets, cross data between files, etc.

The programming of these programs are very dynamic automation can be in the following languages: Perl, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, Vbscript, Shell Scripting, C, Java, etc


Sortis experto en Lenguaje de Programación Perl  Script coded in the Pearl scripting language
These languages ​​can be adapted to any work environment and may even installed systems / programs to perform checks communications via protocols: ICMP, TCP, UDP, SNMP, etc.
Script coded in the Python scripting language    Python language logo

Our experience in this area is aimed at the automation of the following:

  • Programs for dynamic parsing configuration files for autoloading treatment of any Excel or CSV file and send all commands avoiding human error and long and tedious tasks.
  • Power data web, saving profiles data recorders, and that this task is indicated on feed text flat files, parallel databases or in other locations.
  • Automatic data extraction applications or Web pages, to collect statistical data or own any system, ticketing tools for data analysis internally, etc.
  • Parameter Control Management Systems owners, whether applications or operating systems, databases, CPU, HW.
  • User Access Control for complex networks of operators where there are many users.


  • From a programmer, all repetitive activity is possible to automate.
  • Automations allow groups working on these tasks make better use of their time, improving efficiency for the company.
  • By automating the work environment is improved since long and tedious tasks eliminated and workers can perform more complicated and more value-added functions.

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