Actions in the IT Infrastructure of Bip & Drive

Actions in the IT Infrastructure of Bip & Drive

Bip & Drive has chosen Sortis to perform various actions in its IT network infrastructure, with the purpose of improving and increasing the security and redundancy of its systems

To carry it out, Sortis will install and configure a powerful Windows serve, using a virtualized environment using Hyper-V. In the new platform will be configured a new domain controller (active directory) with the following requirement

  • Migration of LDAP hosted on the MAC Mini to a Windows Server and all its users.
  • Migration of shared FTP and intranet directories.
  • Use of current discs.

At the same time, Sortis will consolidate the Authentication Policies, generating the new GPO where all the Bip & Drive teams have been included with a new Password Policy and shared units.

Additionally, Sortis will install a Wi-Fi access solution using Access Point equipment integrated in its UTM platform, with the possibility of creating separate SSID domains to separate the accesses of the corporate LAN users and the guests.

Infraestructura bip&drive

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